English Speaker For A Day

Dear Schools, 

Aftertefl.com is launching its new service to schools in The Czech Republic who would like an English speaker to come and teach their students. 


At the moment, due to Covid-19, its very difficult to find English speakers and natives in The Czech Republic. 

 We at Aftertefl combat this difficulty by offering advanced training to all educators , The Aftertefl App , higher than average payments and a work schedule that drastically cuts down on travel & prep time. 

How do we apply for an English speaker to come to our school?

Simply click here to read the full requirements and fill out our application form. 

Are all educators English natives?

Aftertefl.com is run by English natives and English speakers. Depending on location and preference we can offer BOTH English natives and English speakers. 

What is the Aftertefl app?

30+ schools in Prague use the aftertefl app as a teaching resource / support system.  It has two logins one for Teachers and one for Students.  To find out more click here. 

What are teachers paid?

All educators are paid 400kc – 500kc per teaching hour