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20,000Kc - 40,000Kc per month

Job Description

Job Summary

We are a modern public primary (elementary) school located in Dolní Břežany, Prague-West district. We are currently looking for an experienced native level English teacher to join our team for the new school year. Our term runs from 25th August 2020 until 30th  June 2021 with a possible extension.

About our school

The primary school in Dolní Břežany is a complete modern school with nine advancing grades and more than 600 students. There are three parallel classes within each individual grade, divided into 28 different classrooms. In almost every grade we have opened a class with an extended education of mathematics and natural sciences. There are 9 – 18 children in each of these classes, depending on the subject being taught. 

Extracurricular activities are organized by the school in cooperation with the non-profit organization Život je věda, z. ú. Every year, the students are offered a variety of various clubs and courses that take place in the building in the afternoon and are paid for by the parents.

Our school website (in Czech only): https://www.skolabrezany.cz/

About Dolní Břežany

Dolní Břežany is a modern town with a rich history. The town is located in central Bohemia in the county of Prague-West and is spread out over an area of 1,066 hectares and has nearly 4 000 inhabitants. Dolní Břežany borders Prague, but is also a natural centre for other municipalities located above the Vltava River valley. The town offers a full civic amenity like kindergartens, schools, doctors, a pharmacy, a post office, restaurants, a brewery, a hotel, and various shops and services. There are also a lot of social, cultural and sporting events. Those who like nature can walk in parks or utilize several bicycle or tourist trails. There are researching centres located in Dolní Břežany, pioneering research not only in physics and the material sciences, but also in biomedicine and laboratory astrophysics and many other fields. Find more details here: http://www.star-cluster.cz/en/home/

There is also a good public transport connection with Prague by bus.

Dolní Břežany is simply a great place to live and work!

Find more details about the town at http://www.dolnibrezany.cz/en/

Job details

There is a wide spectrum of children you will be asked to teach, starting with young learners (6-9 yrs.), over to the older ones (10 – 13 yrs.), and ending with the ‘oldest’ students (14-16 yrs.).

We would like you to be, not only’ a teacher, but also to come with your innovative methods to teaching, and with interesting ideas as to how to make classes more effective and more enjoyable for students. They should not be afraid to make mistakes but rather inspired to learn from them. They should be looking forward to your next lessons and ready to take away the most from them. They should be making progress lesson by lesson, and they should not be afraid to speak publicly or with a foreigner they happen to meet on the street. So, we are offering you a unique chance to make all this happen and more!

Upon agreement, you can also utilize your potential other skills and hobbies and teach some subjects in English (e.g. math, science, arts, etc.) and/or lead some leisure activities after school.

The standard teaching week is Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 15:00 pm, plus planning time. All told it ends up being 40 hrs per calendar week. However, an individual part-time schedule is possible upon agreement if you are not available full-time.

All of our teaching staff are given guidance and support with planning and classroom activities. You will work with a friendly team of both Czech and English-speaking teachers.


You are a native level speaker of English.

You have provable teaching experience with young learners (a pedagogical education or a teaching certificate is a big advantage).

You are an innovative person, full of energy and have interesting ideas.

Remuneration and Benefits

We are able to provide a good remuneration, appropriate to your experience.

If you end up working as a school employee (not using a business license), there are other benefits, such as two days of paid Autumn holiday, one and a half weeks of paid holiday at Christmas, one paid week in Spring and some other paid free times during the school year. There is also a school canteen available with lunch for 1 EUR.

We are able to help with accommodation and all necessary paperwork, if needed.

If you think you would fit into our team, please send your CV and a cover letter to Ms. Kamila Menclová () detailing why you have decided to apply for the position at our school in particular.

Thank you, we are looking forward to your application!

Transport links from Prague

– from metro stations C Budějovická or Kačerov – buses 331 and 333
– from Modřany, zast. Commercial Square – buses 341 and 342