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Pre-A1 level, ages 6-9

A1 level, ages 9-11

A2 level (ages 11-13)

Monkey PuzzlesMonkey Puzzles








Visit our Monkey’s favourite places and play 8 mini games to test your English. Unlock new games as you progress – but watch out, the games get harder as you go along!

  • Exam level: Young Learners (Pre A1 Starters, A1 Movers, A2 Flyers)
  • CEFR level: A1-A2
  • Skills practised: Reading

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The below activities are designed to be used on a computer or a tablet.

Sing and Learn activitySing and Learn – At the zoo

Watch the video, sing along and learn new words.


Reading and writing activityWhat is it?

Read and learn the names of different animals.


Reading and writing activityThe body

Look at the letters and make words about the body with them.


Reading and writing activityWhere is the…

Read and learn new words about food and drink.


At the beach!At the beach!

Listen and put the little pictures in the correct place in the big picture.


Reading and writing activityWhich is correct?

Listen to what the people say and answer the questions.


Reading and writing activityA day with my family

Listen and put the things in the picture.


Reading and writing activityThis is a …

Read and find different things in the home.


Reading and writing activityThings in a classroom

Learn and say words for things in a classroom.


English Adventures with Cambridge


English Adventures with Cambridge








Help young learners to practise their English language skills in a fun, interactive way in our Minecraft world. Complete fun puzzles, meet new characters, and solve mysteries while children learn to use new words.

  • Exam level: A1 Movers
  • CEFR: A1
  • Skills practised: Reading, Listening and Writing

English Adventures with Cambridge