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Employer Description


Livingston aims to provide modern education that will prepare children for a world that will await them. We believe that competences such as independent thinking and decision-making, critical thinking, teamwork, the art of empathy and conflict resolution, and last but not least, the ability to adapt to a changing world are key to children. We put these competences at least on a par with classical school knowledge and outcomes. At Livingston, we allow each child to develop at their own pace and path. The reason is simple, not all children are the same and do not have the same prerequisites to do the same in one moment. By allowing the child to fully demonstrate his or her strengths and talents, the child naturally develops and moves much further than the classical curriculum would allow. To do this we have individual plans, which the children set together with the teacher for a pre-defined period and through which the child participates directly in the pace and content of what they will do at school. Of course, we do not resign to matters that are not easy for the child and do not find a liking for them, which must meet at least the minimum standard that is set in advance, but we will give him the possibility of its own timing.

The school has its own inhouse series of trainings accessible to teachers who can understand and speak Czech and we also support our teachers in further professional development.

Often seeks English speakers to train their staff.

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