Cambridge YLE


Preparing your student / child for a Cambridge test

Cambridge YLE tests include : Starters , Movers, Flyers ( PreA1 to A2)

Class/grade: Y2-Y4  ( KET for Schools is more appropriate for older A2 students) 

Why this course?

The very first thing children should know is what to expect. where they will sit, behavior rules, what the test is for etc… 
If students know exactly what to expect the only thing they have to worry about is the test itself.
If a child walks into a test not knowing what to do or where to go, their focus is no longer on the work. This in turn creates stress and even students, who you would think should ace the test,  might make mistakes due to a lack of preparation.
Cambridge believes students should feel happy, safe and confident. Only then can students show us their best. 

Students will usually have their tests in their school , normally in their classroom. That’s Safe checked, now for the rest….

The Tests In General:

All three tests are setup in a similar way, they simply increase in difficulty and time needed to complete.

Each YLE test has a Speaking part, Reading & Writing part and a Listening part.
All tests have a time limit, this changes depending on the test. 

This course covers the Reading and Writing in 5 simple steps.
To learn more about the Speaking or Listening please click here. 

Live lesson with Year 2s discussing expectations.

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Test front covers ( click to view) 

Flyers Front

Movers Front

Starters Front