We Are After Tefl

Opens September 12th! 


Fun, cringe dad and teacher just doing what Genx dads do best! 🙂
Suitable for Students 11+

Prague English

1 to 1 Lessons in Prague

Chýně: English

Lessons and care for children 2-6 years old in the beautiful town of Chýně. 

After Tefl App

A Teaching Tool With Something New

A Teaching Tool With Something New

Help And Humour

  • Fun and interesting videos for YLE
  • No adverts
  • Business English support for teachers
  • Free training
  • Resources for teaching children , teens and adults
  • No Adverts
  • Access to a helpful community of educators
  • Lesson plans
  • Report card templates and makers

Amazing features

1000s Of Jobs By Location

Find Schools and ESL Camps

Share Your Teaching Methods In Our New “Class” Feature

Get Found Faster With Our Teacher Profiles

Report Card Makers

Lesson Plan Guides And Downloads

Modern Flash Card System

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Friendly Interface

Powerful Options

Ad Free & Popup Free

Instant Notifications

Real-Time Location

Super Fast Sync

A Faster, More Powerful App

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Unlock The Full Power Of The Aftertefl App


After Tefl App

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  • 1000s of Jobs
  • Class Room Resources
  • World Wide Teacher Profiles
  • Report Card Makers
  • Lesson plans
  • Teaching Resources
  • Access To a Helpful Community

After Tefl App

$ 5
  • 1000s of Jobs
  • Class Room Resources
  • World Wide Teacher Profiles
  • Report Card Makers
  • Lesson plans
  • Teaching Resources
  • Access To A Helpful Community
  • The Cure
  • Become a Creator And Make Money!
  • Bragging rights
  • Jeff's Personal Email (shhh!)
  • Lots more to come!
Note! Prices may vary from location to location due to local taxation laws and conversion rates.

Have Questions? Look Here.

The After Tefl App is free to download and use.  Our free version is also advert free! ( No joke guys) 

If you would like to support our work and get your hands on our epic “Hang over cure” then we ask for a one off fee of $5. Yup that’s it! And yes we will add more ,free of charge, for your support. 🙂  

In the top right hand corner of the App you will see three dots. Click, then go down to profile . Here you can edit all your info and delete your account ( please don’t ) 

Most of our videos are hosted on youtube, our content creators also use youtube . We are working on a webversion with off line content , hopefully ready by September 2022.

As teachers , ourselves, there is nothing worse than unwanted adverts , especially when you are teaching children. 

Adverts appear that are not appropriate or they disrupt the class. We don’t like it so we assume you don’t either 🙂 

Yup! 🙂 Links at the top and bottom of this page! Give it a go!

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